Bron - Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Bron “We refer many clients to Laurie and everyone has been happy with her service. It’s good to be able to recommend someone I know and trust.”


Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic


Coco with Caroline and Jenna Coco “Our family had a dilemma…we had the opportunity to go on a summer vacation for 2 months driving across country, but how could we leave our pet chihuahua Coco for that long? We didn’t want the expense, conditions, and loneliness of a kennel for that amount of time. We were so blessed and relieved to find Laurie!! Coco instantly took to her gentle and caring mannerisms. It was the perfect set-up as she cared for him and he was in great condition when we came home. It was so nice to be able to talk to Laurie during our trip and get updates on our family pet while we were gone. Coco loved her and we will call again this summer or anytime we want a safe, affordable, caring place for him to be! Thank you Laurie, you’re a lifesaver!”

David, Lori, Caroline and Jenna


“We own Newman & Fleckchen, two guinea pigs. Laurie is an outstanding pet sitter! She gives excellent and very personal care, is reliable and has always been able to keep an eye on our pets even when it was on a very short notice. It gives us real peace of mind when know that Laurie petsits our little ones while we are traveling.”



Pico the parrot Pico “Laurie is a fantastic pet sitter. I am so glad to have found such a caring, loving and compassionate person to take care of my pet parrot Pico. When Pico sees Laurie she gets so excited, and this tells me that she is happy to be there. When I travel it is for several weeks at a time and Laurie does such a great job looking after Pico. Thanks a million Laurie. You are THE BEST EVER.”



P.T. P.T. “Laurie was referred to us by our local veterinary clinic as we have a recently diagnosed diabetic kitty, P.T., who is also 13 years old . P.T.’s “Mom” didn’t want to board her because “Mom” felt it would be too traumatic, but P.T. needed shots twice a day. We have hired Laurie twice now and each time, she has been wonderful with P.T. and P.T. seems not to mind when we go away. Laurie not only feeds and waters P.T. but lets her out for exercise in the backyard. Along with caring for our kitty, Laurie also takes the time to pick up our mail and packages, waters our plants and feeds our feral kitty also. We are very thankful that Laurie offers such a service. We couldn’t ask for better service and certainly wouldn’t hesitate to call on Laurie again. Thank you Laurie.”

Leila and Mike


“Laurie is the best petsitter imaginable–warm and caring, even with my difficult (to others) cat. She treats my cat as if it were her own. I can’t wait to go away again–we never worry when Laurie is on the job!”



Shredder Shredder “Laurie watched my kitty Shredder. She was friendly, reliable and trustworthy. When I left my house hurriedly to catch my flight I thought I had locked my cat in a closet. I called Laurie from the airport and explained the situation. Although I wasn’t scheduled to have her come until the following day, she was more than willing to add this last minute “frantic” request and got to my house rather quickly. Turns out he wasn’t locked in the closet but after her call, I could rest and enjoy my trip. I highly recommend Laurie (Shredder does too)!!”



“With Laurie, I get the piece of mind when traveling out of the country for weeks at a time. I trust her with my 4 cats and she is always flexible in scheduling.”



Chloe Chloe “Laurie is an amazing pet sitter. She kept our furry girl, Chloe, for a couple of weeks while we went on our destination wedding. We knew that Chloe was safe, well cared for, and in a loving environment since Laurie has been around pets all her life, is experienced at handling them, and genuinely loves animals. Although we missed Chloe terribly, we trusted she was in good hands with Laurie. We definitely–and very highly–recommend Laurie as a pet sitter.”

Ana & Carlos