I offer an extensive range of services for the care of your much loved pets in Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas.


With every visit you get:

  • Pet feeding and a fresh water change. You can decide what works best for your pet: single or multiple feedings per day; whatever your pet is used to. There’s no need to disturb their routine with PetsitterGirl.
  • Check and clean their litterbox.
  • Playtime: If your pets are friendly and love attention, I’m there for them! Playtime is an important part of each visit to help reduce their stress.
  • Peace of mind: With each visit I bring in mail, newspapers and packages, water your plants, rotate lights and put out the garbage.

Extra services:*

  • Administering basic medicine (pills/drops in food)
  • Walking dogs
  • Vet trips
  • Bathing dogs

*Please note that I can only offer these additional services for friendly/receptive animals. Additional fees apply.


Email or text message (cell phone) updates: I will gladly give you email or text updates on your pets so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying what’s going on at home.




My rates are very competitive for all of my services.


Basic Charges* (per visit):

Sunnyvale $20 and up
Cupertino $22 and up
Mtn.View $22 and up
Los Altos $22 and up
Surrounding areas: Please email about current availability and rates


* All prices are a starting point and may increase depending on location and requirements for your pets