“Laurie was referred to us by our local veterinary clinic as we have a recently diagnosed diabetic kitty, P.T., who is also 13 years old . P.T.’s “Mom” didn’t want to board her because “Mom” felt it would be too traumatic, but P.T. needed shots twice a day. We have hired Laurie twice now and each time, she has been wonderful with P.T. and P.T. seems not to mind when we go away. Laurie not only feeds and waters P.T. but lets her out for exercise in the backyard. Along with caring for our kitty, Laurie also takes the time to pick up our mail and packages, waters our plants and feeds our feral kitty also. We are very thankful that Laurie offers such a service. We couldn’t ask for better service and certainly wouldn’t hesitate to call on Laurie again. Thank you Laurie.”